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Sourcils bleus Original

Sourcils bleus Original

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 Sourcils Bleus (IkoKlein's best-selling painting) is an inspiration for 1Bendu2023. In the period of Ikoklein's life where 1Vendu2023 was created, she was at the peak of inspiration. She had just moved to Spain and was inspired by all the fine art galleries. It struck her several times at meetings of other people's art that "I can do this!". This finally became her first sold painting a few months later. The painting was bought by a stranger who saw her potential. The buyer saw the purchase as an investment. As he claims to believe that the value of the painting will increase significantly over the years as IkoKlein grows as an artist. Today, the painting is only available as posters with us.

Dimensions: 38x46 cm
Material: Cotton canvas with wedge frame, primed 2 times before starting work.
Working hours: 10h

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