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Erika Wiuff started as a project during my education in sustainable textiles and remakes. The idea was to create a collection following a theme, both in terms of color and shape, to target perhaps primarily the younger consumer to show that sustainable fashion can be both fun and, above all, beautiful! My own feeling that sustainable fashion and remakes often feel disjointed and target an older audience simply became the starting point for Erika Wiuff, a project during my education that turned into a business thanks to the incredible reception, for which I cannot thank enough - perhaps it also shows that sustainable fashion for younger people has been missing and eagerly awaited.
I, Lilian Andersen, the founder of Erika Wiuff, love color and shape in feminine, sleek designs. The fashion of Copenhagen with its dressed-up yet playful and colorful style is something that inspires me a lot, which is why it feels very nice that my Danish surname "Wiuff" gets to accompany the company name on this journey. I have always been interested in fashion, fashion history, and how style enhances and changes an expression. Together with you, Erika Wiuff wants to create new ways of thinking about sustainable textile consumption and create an opportunity to purchase sustainable modern design produced from deadstock (leftover fabrics/vintage) and pre-loved fabrics/second hand.
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You can follow Lilian and her work on Instagram @wiuff.textile

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