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About Hemcod

My name is Matilda Hemmingsson and I found my passion for sewing in the beginning of 2020, a few months before I lost my beloved grandmother to cancer. Her passion for sustainable creative work and her sewing was something she left behind for me to pass on. I started to sew after school and make my own patterns, and then a dream of creating my own brand began to grow.
HemCod (Hemmingsson collection of design) was born in 2023. My vision for HemCod is to create a sustainable company for the environment and affordable for the customer. I create comfortable crossover bags made of 100% recycled fabrics, everything from old curtains to jeans that can't be used. I love to sew and give recycled fabrics a new life in the form of a HemCod bag. It was when I started to study textiles that I realised the overconsumption we live in. Everyone must take responsibility and think twice before every decision.
I get my inspiration from the everyday lifestyle, different personalities and styles. The bags are unisex and are created to fit every customer. If you would like to order a customized bag with other measurements and fabrics, you can contact us on Instagram.
I love my bags and I hope you do too!
Hugs Matilda

You can follow Matilda and her work on Instagram @hem.cod

Lots of love,
CAY Collective